Trick Photography and Special Effects

If you are anything like me, you sit on YouTube all day looking how to improve your photography so that you can pull off the awesome Trick Photography and Special Effects you want to accomplish.
You have playlists and bookmarks and you have exhausted all of the big guys online and still you can’t find the kind of instructions that make your images fit your ideas.
You can’t find out how to make your screen speak with your voice.
I was in a similar spot when I came across this eBook.
The instructions and examples were exactly what I had been needing. Easy to follow language I could understand without being a professional photo editor or Photoshop Guru, the kinds of projects that I was looking for, and most importantly, it wasn’t a course or webinar that would break the bank.
The work I produce now, when the kind of otherworldly and creative work you can see here is needed, is exactly what my clients and I are after. And I even do a few for fun! Who doesn’t want to make an amazing image just for themselves once in a while?
Go check it out. At the price, you can’t go wrong!

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