I want to be a photographer but I’m broke!

I want to be a photographer but I’m broke!

Yeah, I’ve been there.

broke photographer about page
Some stock image, I dunno…

So you should head over to the about page for a brief bit about how this site is trying to help you, and then move over to the “What camera should I buy” page for your first step on this messed up journey.  It’s not gonna be nice but it’ll be fun.  This profession, though it will mess you up, is an amazingly rewarding one.  Not just financially but in terms of being able to see the looks on happy faces when you make their day by capturing something fleeting forever.

Yeah, that’s some sappy greeting card stuff, but you’re probably looking to shoot weddings and engagements and babies and shit so, y’know, better get used to that.

One of the important things to remember is that while you are broke now, once you get your skills and your gear aligned, you can command a pretty penny for your work.  Even the stuff we think of as easy.

Go, read the about thing already.

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